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Clubs and Organizations

Engage to our Learner Clubs and Organizations

Isidore de Seville offers learner activity programs in support of its academic curriculum. These programs aim to enhance learner's talents and leadership skills based on their interests and preferences. Teacher who are experts in the field are assigned as club moderators. A learner is entitled to join at least one club every semester.

Supreme Pupil Government (SPG)

The Supreme Pupil Government is composed of elected officers from Grades 4 to 6 who embody the spirit of leadership and camaraderie. As the official representatives of the learner body, members of the SPG are expected to demonstrate the qualities of a good leader and to carry out their roles and responsibilities with integrity and excellence.

Dance Troupe

The Dance Troupe provides an avenue for learners to express themselves through various forms of music and dance. The club is only open for Grades 4 to 6.

Glee Club

The Glee Club offers an opportunity for learners to hone their musical prowess and develop confidence and a deeper appreciation for the art of singing. Members of the club also comprise the school’s choir

The Isidorean

The Isidorean, the official newsletter of the school, connects and informs the community about the latest news and information within the Isidorean community.

Theater Arts Club

The Theater Arts Club aims to bring out the fullest potential of every learner in the field of acting through live performances and events in front of a sizable audience.

Believers Club

The Believers Club promotes moral and ethical conduct through different activities and initiatives that deal with exemplifying good manners and right conduct.

Marian Club

Intended for Catholic learners, the Marian Club promotes active learner involvement in religious activities in school events, and focuses on strengthening one’s faith and belief in God through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Cooking Club

The Cooking Club aims to support learners with a knack and interest for cooking by providing them with quick, easy, and accessible recipes that are easily replicable at home.

Speech Club

The Speech Club offers various activities designed to improve a learner’s conviction and confidence in communicating and public speaking.

Visual Arts Club

The Visual Arts Club believes that every child can be an artist, and aims to enhance creativity in different media through various interactive and hands-on experiences.

Filipino Club

The Filipino Club aims to broaden the knowledge of learners about Filipino culture by initiating and engaging in different activities that strengthen Filipino values, nationalism, and citizenship.

ICT Club

The ICT Club promotes information advancement using technology in education. Robotics, one of the newest additions to the club’s highlights, offers a fun, interactive, and innovative way of learning.

Science Club

The Science Club is home to a wide range of laboratory equipment fit for experiments designed to develop a learner’s scientific curiosity and consciousness.

Math Club

The Math Club offers stimulating activities and problems that challenge young learners interested in math. Through collaborative tasks, members learn patience, discipline, and extraordinary skills related to problem solving and critical thinking.