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Learner Activities

Life at Isidore: Learner Activities

Isidore de Seville offers extracurricular activities and programs in support of its academic curriculum. These aim to enhance every learner’s talents and skills based on their interests and preferences, and aid in their holistic development and formation.


Aims to promote physical fitness and mental alertness. It also showcases the skills of learners in different sports activities and  promotes cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Teachers’ Day

Aims to show appreciation and gratitude to our teachers who have selflessly shared their knowledge and time to our learners.

Outreach Program

Aims to instill social awareness and generosity. It shows the learners how fortunate they are and realize their parents’ worth. Activities include fund drives and interaction with less fortunate children in the school’s adopted beneficiary.

Community Helpers’ Week

Aims to promote appreciation for the different people in the community, the nature of their work and their workplace. Activities include community exposure trips, talks from invited community helpers etc.

Math Week

Aims to promote love for numbers and improve mathematical skills.  Activities include Math Quiz Bee, Number Collage-Making Contest, mathematical games etc.

ICT Week

Aims to promote technological advancement and show the importance of technology  in the world today. Activities include ICT Quiz Bee, Power point Presentation-Making Contest, Encoding Contest, Computer Model-Making Contest, Poster-making Contest, Futuristic Gadgets Contest.

Linggo ng Wika

Aims to instill love for country and to expose students to Filipino culture and values. Activities include History Quiz Bee, Paligsahan sa pagguhit, pagtula, at pag-awit .

Nutrition Week

Aims to underscore the significance of eating healthful and nutritious foods which are easy to prepare. Activities include food preparation, cooking demo and food bazaar.

Science Week

Aims to create appreciation of science and nature. It also creates environmental awareness and conservation. Activities include poster-making Contest, Science Quiz Bee, Film Viewing, Science Experiment, talks from science experts etc.

Family Day

Aims to foster closer ties among family members and among the Isidore family by and large. It showcases performances by the students and filled with games and fun-filled activities where families get to know each other and cooperate to meet their goals.