Isidore de Seville Integrated School believes in providing for each child’s individual needs and holistic development. Thus, our educational concept caters not only to the intellectual and emotional development of each child, but also his/her technological development by having provisions for the integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The integration of ICT in the activities ensures that the child also develops his Technological Quotient (TQ) or his ability to adapt and use technology to his/her advantage.

  • Integrated ICT in Early Childhood Education
  • Technology tools used in teaching
  • Sound and balanced curriculum
  • A safe environment that is conducive for learning
  • Students are given access and guidance to explore technology early on.

Nursery (3 years old)

Establishing a child’s emotional, physical and intellectual independence is given emphasis, as this is crucial in the early stages of development. Significant opportunities to jump-start a child’s readiness to acquire skills needed for a more structured learning is also provided. The pupils in this program will be exposed to activities and materials which will enhance their competence in the classroom.

Kinder 1 (4 years old)

The emphasis of this program is on the development of the child’s abilities in learning concepts with emphasis on the introduction of the 3R’s (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic). The pupils are provided with hands-on activities that promote learning and discovery. Introduction to the academics is done through interesting and fun-filled activities to better promote the development of each pupil’s abilities in learning concepts. This program also serves as the basic springboard in preparing the child for the big schools.

 Kinder 2 (5 years old)

Pupils in this program are provided with activities which put emphasis on the mastery of the different foundation skills and concepts in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic that were learned in the previous levels. Here, the pupils’ confidence and competence as learners are fully honed through more discovery and practical applications of their acquired skills. The mastery of skills, which is the primary emphasis at this level, enhances logical and creative thinking skills of the child to help him better adapt in the big school environment.