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Our Privacy Policy


The data privacy of Isidore de Seville Integrated School website users is something that the school is committed to protecting. By using this website, you consent to follow the privacy policies stated here. At its sole discretion, the school reserves the right to make changes to the policies and this website at any time.


Every time a user interacts with the website, Isidore de Seville Integrated School solely gathers anonymous data about them for analytical reasons. The kind of computer or device being used, the kind of browser used to visit the website, and other technical details like the operating system that is utilized as a connecting method might all be considered anonymous information. It is not possible to identify specific visitors using this kind of data.

To make the website as helpful as possible for our users, we may utilize the data that we automatically gather.

Users' information may also be gathered by the school website via our social media page, particularly when users voluntarily send personal messages and inquiries via direct messaging services.

All data gathered offline and online shall only be used for the specified purpose/s, such as enrollment and other school inquiries. The given data shall be accessed only by authorized school personnel.No user information would be divsclvosevd to outside parties.