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    October 25, 2023

Teachers’ Day, Isidore Way

Teaching and non-teaching partners as well as Isidoreans attended the Teachers’ Day event at Isidore on Thursday, October 5, 2023. The Supreme Pupil Government Officers, under the direction of their advisor, Sir Adrian R. Fuertes, arranged a program to kick off the celebration.

To entertain the audience, members of various organizations in the school showcased their talents. A brief stage play illustrating how a teacher’s instilled knowledge may take root in learners’ hearts and blossom into a multitude of opportunities as they pursue success in their chosen fields was presented by actors and actresses from the Isidore Theater Guild. The Dance Troupe members also gave a dance performance as a way of thanking the teachers for their unwavering support. Following the dance performance, members of the Speech Club performed a speech choir to express their gratitude to their teachers. A standout feature of the program is the personalized message that select learners write to each teacher.

The crowd’s heartfelt rendition of “You are the Reason,” with special emphasis on the chorus “It was you, you are the reason I’m here today. I followed my heart just like you. You changed my life and I want to say, my world is much brighter with you,” is the perfect way to cap off the program.

That day, the regard of the School Parent Teacher Association was also felt and displayed. Moreover, the teaching and non-teaching partners were also treated to a sumptuous lunch provided by the administration.

Indeed, it’s great to celebrate Teachers’ Day the Isidore way!

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