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    December 30, 2023

Leadership Training Seminar

Sir Adrian Fuertes

Unleashing abilities, introducing the roles of the leaders, and captivating the passion of young Isidoreans were the main objectives of the event. The leadership training seminar with the theme “Leadership @ Isidore” was conducted on Saturday, October 21, 2023. The training session began with a prayer, followed by the singing of the national anthem led by the selected learners. The presence of all grade levels, organizations, and club leaders is warmly welcomed and appreciated. “Dine In and Take Out” is the first activity for that day, spearheaded by T. Dreamy C. Payumo. The activity highlights all participants’ time, effort, and involvement, as well as the learnings and abilities they gained at the end of the session. 

To achieve the objectives of the leadership training seminar, T. Arcelita J. Gaspar offered her time and effort to share her knowledge, skills, and expertise as one of the leaders in Isidore. T. Archie talked about “Roles and Responsibilities in One’s Life.” She used the well-known characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants as the illustration of her discussion. 

Numbers make the learners feel exhausted, but the “Numbers Game,” led by T. Mikaellah B. Abunto allows them to form numbers in a fun way while testing their communication skills, teamwork, and trust. “Human Bingo ” is one of the exciting and fun activities during the training seminar facilitated by. T. Mary Rose D.J. Caraparas. It becomes a tremendous chance to learn about the values and characteristics of our young leaders while having fun. Critical thinking and decision-making skills are the main goals of the “Survival Skills” activity. T. Jocelyn Dalusung scrutinizes the critical thinking and decision-making skills of each participant by giving them a situation. Trust is an important ingredient in a successful team. To exhibit the trust of all the participants, “Back to Back Drawing” is fitted on it. T. Mary Nicole Ann Matic executed the last activity. 

During the processing and sharing, Isidoreans are very eager to share their new learning and the values that they have unleashed. Their experiences, words of encouragement, and enjoyment can light up their passion and skills in leadership.

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