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    December 15, 2023

Isidore @ 21: Continuing the Journey With Innovation and Fun

The celebration of Isidore’s foundation is one of the school’s most anticipated events. Under the supervision of our teaching partners, learners from Grades 4 to 6 assisted in setting up fun and engaging booths for Isidore’s 21st Foundation Day. Isidoreans spent a day full of treasured memories on December 15, 2023, as they participated in various booths and shared moments with their classmates and schoolmates.

On the other hand, to make their last year at Isidore even more special, the Grade 6 learners were assigned to oversee the booths. 

The Sweets Corner provides the learners with sweet treats, allowing them to choose their favorite dessert covered with chocolate syrup. The Happy Tummy booth is another delicious spot where learners can order chocolate drinks, waffles, mini donuts, and sweet corn. Ice cream aficionados would have appreciated the ice cream corner as well. Booths like Basketball Pong, Airplane Toss, Treasure Hunt, and Buzz Off are stalls where learners can play games and earn points. Also, the Isidore PTA Officers set up the Roll a Can for Prizes Booth where every learner who played received a prize. At the photobooth, the learners’ shared smiles and laughter were captured. As a memento, they also got a copy of their photos.

Isidoreans also jived, danced, and sang along to every song that was played at the Song Request Booth. When the event was over, the learners used the points they had accrued from each game booth to redeem their prize.

Alumni from Isidore also took part in the foundation day celebration, reflecting the fun that this event offers.
Isidore will keep having fun and be innovative for many more years to come. Isidore @ 21: Continuing the Journey With Innovation and Fun.

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