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    July 11, 2023

Harmonious Culmination of Arts and Music

Creative Isidoreans impressively completed their arts and music classes which call for a celebration of the harmonious culmination of arts and music. After the fun and engaging Arts and Music classes facilitated by Sir Nemencio Macapugay, the Isidore artists and musicians showcased their works and performances at the Arts and Music Class Culminating Day on July 10, 2023, Monday at Isidore de Seville Integrated School.

The Isidore artists take center stage to display their picturesque activities. The room was transformed into a gallery filled with eye-catching artworks representing a range of colors and forms. Throughout the process of accomplishing their masterpieces, learners were allowed to improve their skills and develop their love for the arts.

On the other hand, Isidore musicians illuminate the stage with the rich diversity of the sound each string instrument can produce. The ukulele, guitar, and violin are among the instruments they played, which amplified moments of joy to the audience in the venue.

It’s important to remember the beauty of music and the arts in a world that frequently seems to be centered on gadgets and the internet. The Music and Arts Class was introduced because Isidore understands the importance of creative expression for our Isidoreans, as young as they are.

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