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    January 27, 2024

Comeback is Real: Isidore Educational Fieltrip 2024

Isidore has always been committed to providing Isidoreans with opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences. One of the initiatives the school does to allow learners to also maximize learning outside of the regular classroom setting is organizing educational trips. The pandemic has caused field trips and other activities to be discontinued. Thankfully, Isidore held its Educational Field Trip on January 24, 2024, following a four-year hiatus.

Isidoreans, parent-partners, teaching partners, and tour guides assembled at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center at 4:00 a.m. and left at 5:00 a.m. for the much anticipated trip. The participants relished a walking tour through Intramuros. Taking a tour of this historical place helped participants gain a deeper knowledge of the cultures and historical events that shape Filipino identity. On the other hand, to let the learners develop an appreciation for music and theater arts, they watched an entertaining musical play by the Repertory Philippines Theater for Young Audiences’ Snow White and the Prince. Additionally, the young tourists’ capacity to traverse unfamiliar surroundings, collaborate in groups, and effectively engage with peers and adults was enhanced by free time spent at the Venice Grand Piazza Mall, a place known for its fine architecture and replica of the Grand Canal in Italy. Another venue they visited was the Mind Museum, which encouraged Isidoreans to develop an interest in learning about various scientific ideas and seeing those concepts come to life through exquisite exhibits. 

All participating learners, parent-partners, and school staff certainly had a memorable and enriching experience in this educational field trip, a “comeback” that is real, an experience so surreal.

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