Student Activities

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Linggo ng Wika

The Linggo ng Wika aims to instill love for country and to expose students to Filipino culture and values. Activities include History Quiz Bee, Paligsahan sa pagguhit, pagtula, at pag-awit .


The Sports Fest aims to promote physical fitness and mental alertness. It also showcases the skills of students in different sports activities and promotes cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.


The Grade 6 Retreat is being conducted to let the graduating class set aside their day-to-day distractions and get the chance to reflect and reassess their purpose. Discussions and activities also tackle about how would their life be after they graduate and the possibilities that tomorrow may bring.

Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program ensures that all officers (class, clubs, and organizations) are molded to experience timely leadership styles and approaches so that school leaders may deliver necessary outcomes in their tasks and charges.

Isidoreans on Stage (IoS)

Isidoreans on Stage (IoS) celebrates Isidore talents. IoS combines notable on-stage and behind the scene skills. The diversity of ability from singing, dancing, acting, direction, and more to stage decoration, musical score, and the like, are given supportive atmosphere by the school administration.

Marian and Believers Week

Catholic learners are given faith-related activities during this week. The highlight of it all is when they gather at the school grounds to form a human rosary. They recite the Holy Rosary to express their faith and love for Mama Mary. They offer flowers and a short prayer to ask for guidance and grace. Non-Catholic learners relish activities that fortify their virtuousness and humanity.

Teacher’s Day

The Teacher’s Day aims to show appreciation and gratitude to our teachers who have selflessly shared their knowledge and time to our students.

Science and Nutrition Week

The Science week aims to create appreciation of science and nature.

The Nutrition week aims to underscore the significance of eating healthful and nutritious foods which are easy to prepare.

Math and ICT Week

The ICT week aims to promote technological advancement and show the importance of technology in the world today.

The Math week aims to promote love for numbers and improve mathematical skills.