Admissions-Preschool Department

1. Visit our Admin Office and secure a schedule for your child’s Baseline Assessment.

What is Baseline Assessment?

The Baseline Assessment was developed to check on the child’s skills prior to enrollment. It includes a series of performance-based activities that will tap the child’s current skills. It should be noted that it is not a test, but a means for the teacher to gauge the current level of performance of the child. The results would serve as the primary basis for level-placement appropriate to his skills and abilities as reflected by the baseline assessment. This needs to be accomplished by the ISIS teacher on a one-on-one basis with the child. The results of this assessment will become the database for the teacher to work with for the rest of the year, as the child is placed in a particular level. Moreover, it is the school’s prerogative to advise parents should the child needs further evaluation. This can either be in-house or by other professionals if the results do not appear sufficient to give the teachers an idea as to what direction the child’s education is to take.

2. Bring the necessary documents. Pay the assessment fee and get your exam permit.

3. Bring your child to our office on the specified schedule. Give the exam permit to the teacher-in-charge.

4. An interview with the parents follows after the baseline assessment. The information gathered from the interview would serve as supplementary data to support the results of the baseline assessment.

5. The assessment will determine the appropriate level for your child. The result of the assessment will be discussed to you by our teacher.

6. Reserve a slot for your child by paying the reservation fee.